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 うーん、バリー・パーマーはともかく、「キースエマーソンを凌駕した」PLPとか、YesやGentle Giant に似た Alaska ってどんなんでしょう? 


コンサート参加アーティストの紹介です。 (1999/3 掲載分)

    Barry Palmer - vocals
    Dave Duncan - bass
    Doug Briscoe - guitar
    Al Lewis ('Alaska') -  drums
    John O'Hara ('Alaska') - keyboards

    Barry Palmer is well known for his fantastic vocal performances with Triumvirat and Mike Oldfield, as well as his solo work.  Barry will be taking the stage to debut some of his latest material, as well as join with the other musicians in a musical tribute to Triumvirat.
    Barry's early career was highlighted by his #2 U.K. chart smash "The Bump", as the second of three studio incarnations of pop star "Kenny".  Eventually, he answered an ad in "The Melody Maker" that was placed by Jurgen Fritz and Triumvirat, who were looking for a new lead vocalist.

    After Triumvirat fractured in the early eighties, Barry stayed in Germany recording and touring with groups like "Satin Whale", and "Gaensehaut". But rock history was again to be made, as he was introduced in the Swiss Alps to another progressive rock genius, Mike Oldfield.  
     Barry sang every other song (alternating with Maggie Reilly) on the 1984 Mike Oldfield "Discovery" CD, redefining himself and his talents on songs like "Poison Arrows", and "Crime of Passion", the first song he recorded with Oldfield. 
    In 1985 Barry's solo album "Without An Aim" was released.  

    And Barry has now prepared a new tracks for his next solo album !  You can listen to samples of his latest work on his Official website:http://www.triumvirat.net/palmer

    Par Lindh Project :
    Par Lindh - Organ, Piano, Analog and Digital synths.
    Magdalena Hagberg - Vocals
    Marcus Jaderholm - Bass
    Nisse Biefeld - Drums & Percussion
    Jocke Ramsell - Electric & Acoustic guitars

    Par Lindh Project has been described as "a keyboard ocean of wonder" that goes "far beyond Keith Emerson's scope." Indeed, the comparisons to Mr. Emerson have been following Par for many years !

    Par has followed his musical career since the late 1970's, spending time as a church organist, a drummer, a Hammond organist, a jazz & ragtime entertainer, and more. 
    After 8 years of a classical career as a pianist and harpsichordist, he decided to return to progressive rock in 1988.  Par comments, "I listened back to some old records with ELP and other progressive bands from that time and realized just how damned good this music was". 

    Par Lindh Project's albums include Gothic Impressions, Rondo, Bilbo,  and Mundus Incompertus.  The latest issue of Progression Magazine contains a great article on PLP. 
    You can read an online version of the article here.
    For complete information on PLP, please visit their Official website : http://www.algonet.se/~larry/plp.html 

    Alaska :
    Al Lewis - vocals, drums, acoustic guitar
    John O'Hara - keyboards, Taurus pedals

    Yes, that's right !  Alaska consists of only two players, but don't let that fool you.  They play symphonic-sounding progressive rock music reminiscent of bands such as Yes, ELP, and Gentle Giant.

    Their self-titled debut album has been frequently praised as "breathtaking"; "some impressively rich electronic orchestrations";"Expertly sculpted in classic prog-rock fashion."
    The conductor of a regional philharmonic orchestra commented, "They should have been hired to compose the music for the Olympic Games."

    For complete information on Alaska, please visit their Official website at: http://home.earthlink.net/~alaska98/ .

    1999 Triumvirat Net All Rights Reserved.

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