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"Mediterranean Tales: Across The Waters"

Across the Waters
Overture (Mozart/Arr: Fritz)
Taxident (Fritz/Bathelt)
Mind Tripper (Fritz)
5 o'clock Tea (Fritz/Bathelt)
Satan's Breakfast (Fritz)
Underture (Mozart/Arr: Fritz)

"Illusions on a Double Dimple"

Last Dance
(Written by Fritz)

(Written by Fritz)


The Capital of Power
(Written by Fritz)

The School of Instant Pain
Proclamation (Fritz / Bathelt)
The Gladiator's Song (Fritz / Bathelt)
Roman Entertainment (Fritz / Bathelt)
The Battle (Fritz)

The Deadly Dream Of Freedom
(Kollen / Bathelt)

The Burning Sword of Capua
(Written by Fritz)

The Superior Force Of Rome (Written by Fritz, Bathelt)
A Broken Dream (Written by Fritz)
The Finale (Written by Fritz)

"Old Loves Die Hard"

Uranus' Dawn (2011 mp3)
(GarageBand Remastered MP3 by NI-HAO) (New!)

A Day in a Life
(Written by Fritz)

Uranus' Dawn
Pisces at Noon
Panorama Dusk

The History of Mystery (Part 1)
The History of Mystery (Part 2)
(Written by Fritz,Bathelt,Palmer)

A Cold Old Worried Lady
(Written by Fritz,Palmer)

Panic on Fifth Avenue
(Written by Fritz)

Old Loves Die Hard
(Written by Fritz)

"New Triumvirat presents Pompeii"

The Earthquake 62 a.d.
(Written by Fritz)

Viva Pompeii
(Written by Fritz,Cress)

The Time of Your Life ...(?)
(Written by Sondra and Fritz)

Dance on the Volcano
(Written by Fritz)

"Russian Roulette"

Russian Roulette
(Written by Fritz)

All MIDI files are played and sequenced by Mr. NI-HAO.
His handle name is named from the word which means "Hello" in Chinese.
He is Japanese, but at present, assigned to China by the work,
and LOVES Triumvirat very much !

Thank you very much, NI-HAO!
Thanks, Mr. NI-HAO!
If YOU want to say hello to Mr. NI-HAO,
send E-mail to J'rat(Japanese Triumvirat Site web master).
I will pass your message to him.

Other MIDI Links

Gabor Kerenyi, who live in Hungary,
plays SCHOOLDAYS of 
"Illusions On A Double Dimple".
Visit his great MIDI site!

Mr. NI-HAO's MIDI files are optimized forYAHAMA XG format.


Please E-mail me, if you know more MIDI files of Triumvirat on the Net!
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